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Why I Stopped Using WEATHER APPS For Landscape Photography

If you have dabbled in landscape photography, you might have heard that using a weather app is inevitable. Of course, it might still be true if you are just starting in landscapes. However, if you have used these apps, you know they are nowhere near perfect. They do not even come close. It is not like the predictions are wrong. The real problem is that the weather apps do not leave any room for interpretation. Take a look at this informational video and find out why I stopped using weather apps for landscape photography.  

Coming to you after Christian Irmler’s unsuccessful experience with weather apps, this video discusses why he stopped using weather apps for landscape photography. He discusses that the conventional weather apps give us a scalar value; for instance, there will be a 60% chance of rain. But the remaining 40% is a big chunk and cannot be neglected. Instead, we need something more reliable, something that gives us vectors in addition to scalars. And tells us what could happen in all possible scenarios.

Check out the video above to find what you should use instead of weather apps.

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"I toally risk with the weather, but I would risk much more if I would stay at home, because staying at home always leads into 100% fail."

Christian Irmler - Landscape Photographer and great-great grandnephew of Gustav Klimt (6th degree)


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