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The BEST CAMERA SETTINGS for Landscape Photography

One thing that every photographer hears at least once in their life is that Lighting is key. Fair enough, but the real question is how do you control that light to produce the desired results? You cannot control the amount of ambient light, but you can control how much (or even how less) light enters your camera. This is where the camera settings come into play. Take a look at this informational video which will bring you to speed on the best camera settings for landscape photography.

Coming to you from decades of experience with Christian Irmler, this amazing video will discuss the best camera settings for landscape photography. What to do when a certain part is underexposed, or if it is just too bright? Well, camera modes and settings will help you get over these obstacles. Just to give you a hint, the exposure triangle is the best friend of a landscape photographer. Christian has explained this concept countless times already. Just for you, he explains it again.

Check out the video above to find more tips and tricks. Watch till the end so that you do not miss anything.

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