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Succeeding When Everything Sucks in Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is one of the most rewarding types of photography. You get to find treasures and gems normally hidden from the human eye. As a photographer, it can not only satiate your thirst for creating photographs; it can also connect you with mother nature. But as they say, the most rewarding things come at the highest price. Sometimes nature is smiling down on you, and you keep clicking wonders. But what happens when the path gets difficult. Take a look at this inspiring video, which talks about succeeding when everything sucks in landscape photography.

Coming after a back-breaking trek by Christian Irmler, this video discusses succeeding when everything sucks in landscape photography. The difficulty is not only about the photography - it can be anything. Such as what happened with Christian, he left his tripod and snow shows in his car, and that too in freezing temperatures. But one thing remained constant, his tenacity and perseverance. And that is about the only thing that matters most in landscape photography, apart from your skills, of course. And another thing that helped him get amazing shots was his weather predictions. You might want to check out his last video for further details on this.

Check out the video above to know how he overcame the obstacles.



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"I toally risk with the weather, but I would risk much more if I would stay at home, because staying at home always leads into 100% fail."

Christian Irmler - Landscape Photographer and great-great grandnephew of Gustav Klimt (6th degree)


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