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Should you REALLY bring ORDER in the CHAOS in Woodland Photography

Photography is another word for art. And just like the paints on a canvas, you make intricate designs and be extremely minute in your skill. But there are certain times when the artist lets the colors run wild and create chaos on the canvas. It may overwhelm us, but it cannot be denied that there is a certain beauty in the chaos. Similarly, there is natural chaos in woodland photography entwined with beauty. Take a look at this stunning video which discusses should you really bring order in the chaos in woodland photography.  

Coming to you from Christian Irmler’s vast knowledge of landscape and woodland photography, this amazing video ponders the question: should you really bring order in the chaos in woodland photography. You might have been advised to try to find order in that chaos, but remember the nature runs wild with beauty creating jaw-dropping scenes everywhere. And it would not be fair to confine that chaos. The better option is to hone your eye and taste for beauty and look for masterpieces in the chaos. As noted above, photography is not about control - it is art.

Check out the video above to get your answer in detail. 



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