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POLARIZER: How FAR should we actually SCREW?

Photography is art, and art must always be improved. If you have just started your hand in photography or been doing it for some time, you must have come across polarizers. And similarly, you must have come across recommendations to use the said thing. The polarizer is an interesting and quite an important tool in photography. Those recommendations or advice are great, but only until a point. They mention all the great things a polarizer can do, but an important aspect is left behind. Take a look at this informative video which discusses that point and tells you, 'POLARIZER: How FAR should we actually SCREW?'

Christian Irmer experienced a similar confusion in the beginning, but fortunately, coming from his vast experience, this amazing video will tell you, 'How FAR should we actually SCREW?' Polarization can not only help with the composition but can improve the overall image quality as well. And this video discusses four different methods to use circular polarizers and how to apply the correct amount of polarization.

Check out the video above to get the in-depth information to improve your photography using a polarizer.



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