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Overcoming BORING Weather Conditions in Landscape Photography

Most landscape photography beginners prefer summer as it is easier to create positive images in that time. Winter is usually reserved for most veteran photographers as they know snow can magically enhance any landscape. But what happens when you combine rain and snow? You might get boring weather conditions, and that is the bane of any landscape photographer. Take a look at this amazing video which discusses overcoming boring weather conditions in landscape photography.

Coming to you after a rainy night at casa Christian Irmler, this helpful video teaches overcoming boring weather conditions in landscape photography. Photographers know that light can brighten up the mood in any scene, and snow can add drama and peace. But when the rain washes down the snow from the trees, you get a bleak landscape. This scene does not convey any emotion; hence it is called a boring condition. Fortunately, you can get around it by using two methods. Firstly, you can try to incorporate bleakness in the composition and construct a story around it. Or, you can avoid it altogether. Make sure you see the full video to get the full hang of the second method.

Check out the video above for more tips.



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