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How To PLAN Red Sky for Landscape Photography

Red sky photography will get some of the most surreal masterpieces. For an amateur photographer, getting a red sky by luck is a joyful feeling. But seasoned photographers know that one must plan and be at the right place at the right time to capture the best red sky. First things first, you must understand what causes the red sky and how to photograph it before you start planning. To sum it up, blue light is filtered from the scene because of high pressure and particles resulting in an abundance of red light. Take a look at this mesmerizing video which will take you to guide you on how to plan red sky for landscape photography.

Coming to you from the ever-exploring Christian Irmler, this enchanting video will show you how to plan red sky for landscape photography. Now, let’s start planning. Firstly, get a weather map instead of a basic weather app. Secondly, you should choose what you want to keep as a subject. Whether it be the red sky itself, the dramatic lake, or even the landscape.

Check out the video above for the nitty-gritty of the whole process and the equipment.

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