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How To MASTER LIGHT in Landscape Photography

There is no debate on how important good lighting is to create a complete and perfect photograph. Lighting decides a lot of factors rather than just brightness. It also helps to set the mood and atmosphere of a photograph. Similarly, in landscape photography, if you want to capture a masterpiece then you must know how to use the available light to your advantage. The idea might seem simple, but in reality, there are tons of aspects regarding lighting that you need to consider. And if you know how to use them right, congratulations, you are ready to create some absolute landscape masterpieces.

Christian Irmler covers all the aspects and views that will make you a master of lighting in landscape photography from light direction to light intensity. The video explains each of these elements in detail and also discusses how to use varying light at different times of the day to its full potential.

Having a good amount of knowledge of how to handle light is the key to a landscape masterpiece. Check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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