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How to Implant a STORY into your Landscape Photographs

You might have heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. It sounds true, but how does one do that? Even if you capture a scene with perfect composition and the best light possible, it does not necessarily convey a story. Most photographers go about it the wrong way and keep the story element at the least priority. Nothing can be more dangerous than this for a landscape photographer. You might get a memorable shot if you overlook storytelling, but you will not get a masterpiece. Take a look at this profound video to learn how to implant a story into your landscape photography. 

Coming to you from the wisdom of Christian Irmler, this thoughtful video teaches you how to implant a story into your landscape photography. Nature is always telling us a story, but most photographers overlook it. In search of good composition, they forget to look for a story. The thumb rule to creating a masterpiece is to search for a story and support it with your composition and other elements. Christian Irmler explains two methods to incorporate a story into any landscape.

Check out the video above to discover the hard-earned secrets.

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