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How the Way of Thinking IMPROVES Your Landscape Photography

Photography is more than just learning what the buttons and knobs do on the camera. It is more than that - it is a form of art. Like every other form of art, one of the most important things that can improve your landscape photography is your approach to it and your mindset. From our childhood, we have been taught only the analytical method. Although it works best for solving mathematical equations, it is poison to creativity. Take a look at this insightful video which discusses how the way of thinking improves your landscape photography.

Coming to you from the artistic wisdom of Christian Irmler, this video answers how the way of thinking improves your landscape photography. Christian discusses that to develop a creative mindset, we have to first unlearn the conventional method of learning. The very first thing in this process is learning how to find a new perspective. Get out of your comfort zone, combine your analytical thinking with an artist’s intuition, and behold a masterpiece. He also discusses various other methods that can help you improve your landscape photography by changing your thinking.

Check out the video above for a detailed analysis.




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"I toally risk with the weather, but I would risk much more if I would stay at home, because staying at home always leads into 100% fail."

Christian Irmler - Landscape Photographer and great-great grandnephew of Gustav Klimt (6th degree)


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