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Hard To Leave a Landscape Photography Spot

Veteran photographers understand that time is the most important investment in the planning of a landscape photography shoot. You should spend an ample amount of time figuring out the layout of the area, the weather condition using weather maps, and the compositions. However, what happens if, despite all your planning, your perfect spot is not that perfect? Would you remain there and shoot even when you know the resulting images will be flat and uninspiring? Or would you take to your heels and rush to find a better composition? Take a look at this inspiring video which explains what to do when it is hard to leave a landscape photography shoot.

Coming to you from the adventures of Christian Irmler, this amazing video details his experience when it is hard to leave a photography shot. Recently, Christian faced a similar dilemma in his usual photography adventures. Quite beautifully, he shows that despite all your planning, mother nature is still unpredictable. However, a photographer must be vigilant to work with what is available to find the best composition in the given scenarios.

After all is said and done, each landscape shoot is an experiment in its way. Check out the video above for the full rundown of all the tips. 

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"I toally risk with the weather, but I would risk much more if I would stay at home, because staying at home always leads into 100% fail."

Christian Irmler - Landscape Photographer and great-great grandnephew of Gustav Klimt (6th degree)


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