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The last step of the photography ladder is not the editing table, it is the printing one. The transition from a photographer to an artist completes when you learn how to transfer your images to paper. But the problem is that the process can be too overwhelming. There are too many variables. How many megapixels do you need to print a fine art? How to choose the right paper and figure out the rest of the printing process? Take a look at this instructional video discussing fine art printing bigger than A0.

Coming from the years of experience of Christian Irmler, this amazing video answers all the questions regarding fine art printing bigger than A0. Even if you are a beginner, or figuring out how to work on a bigger canvas, this video will answer all your queries. For instance, just to choose the right paper, you have to understand if it behaves the way you want to, or if the DMAX, which is the tonality of the paper, is up to your artistic level.

Check out the video above if you do not yet understand the lingo and to get more tips. 



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