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Finding a Woodland Photography Composition in Just a Fraction of a Second?

Woodland photography is not only about showcasing the woodlands or the landscape that surrounds it, although it matters, the real selling point of a woodland photograph is also its charm to tell a story. And as you might have seen in previous videos, composition allows the photographer to incorporate a story into the photograph. There are different techniques for composition, such as leading lines, horizon, rule of thirds, etc. But all of these will only work if your eye catches a splendid scene. Take a look at this amazing video which discusses finding a woodland photography composition in just a fraction of a second.

Coming to you from the experiences of Christian Irmler, this video will tell you if finding a woodland photography composition in just a fraction of a second is possible. After spending years after years in photography, your eye picks out details that might have otherwise been ignored. But even with this much experience, you cannot create a masterpiece in a fraction of a second. You have to give it time, flesh out the story, and place the woodland elements accordingly. A good practice is to take some shots before your actual picture to gauge the scene.

Check out the video above for the full rundown.

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