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Compositions Are Not Growing on Trees. Or Do They?

Apart from a photographer's skills, composition is what matters the most. To redefine the basic, the goal of composition is to direct the viewer’s eyes where you want them to look. In other words, a composition ensures that the story is told in the correct order. But what happens when there is no composition in your image? It becomes dull, there remains nothing exciting about it. Even if there were a story behind it, the viewer would be confused. Take a look at this ecstatic video which ponders over the question ‘Compositions are not growing on trees. Or do they?’

Coming to you after the regular photography treks of Christian Irmler, this compelling video discusses compositions are not growing on trees. Or do they? You must have heard of leading lines, rules of thirds, negative space, and horizon lines. All these are compositional rules. But add another one on the list; when it snows, compositions grow on the trees. Have you ever seen snow falling from the canopy of trees? It is truly magical. But timing is the main ingredient in this composition.

Check out the video above for the full rundown.



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